Have you ever put on your makeup perfectly slam bam, looking pretty,snap,slayed and what not? Oh Yeah!!!Then hours later,bathroom break, say by midday you  look into the mirror  your foundation seems to be disappearing and you can see more skin than foundation? Well ain’t that a bummer.Sometimes the foundation is not to blame but what is it?

Ever since i got into the business of selling cosmetics i do some research on products  just to know more about makeup from the point of manufacturing to the point of its shelf life.So today i would like to share with you guys about these two ingredients in your makeup, WATER AND SILICON.

Foundations and primers (BB Creams and C Creams too) are normally water based or silicon based.However the two will not really apply well when one is applied over the other.For instance if you use a silicon based primer then top it with a water based foundation you will find that your foundation is slipping easily off your skin.The reason being that the silicon based products sits on top of the skin creating a barrier where as water based products get absorbed into the skin.So already there is a difference there.The two will definitely repel.

So i will just put it like this try as much as possible to use silicon primer with silicon based  foundation and water base primer with water based foundation.hopefully this will make a difference in your makeup application and the  longevity of your makeup through out the day.


On the back of your product you will see  list of ingredients there.Now the rule is that the list is in this order,it starts from the product with the most consistency to the one with the least.More like in descending order.However you should know that even silicon based may contain water so do not mistake it for a water based product.Silicon based products have names like,methicone,Dimethicone or Cyclopentasiloxane,siloxane, focus on the cone and xane and you will know its the one.There could be other names to it but those are the few that i know of, i am not all that sciency.


  • WATER BASED– La Girl liquid perfecting makeup
  • SILICONE BASED -La girl pro prep primer

I must add that that silicon based products are best suited for combination/oily skin.Where as water based products are best suited for dry skin.Skin type will be another topic for another blog.my mission is not to bore you.

I am not forcing you guys to follow these rules am only sharing and who knows? if you try  out this routine maybe it can make a difference especially if your application process is not all that glorious.I will definitely delve more into other issues mentioned in this post.I will be breaking everything down in bits.This is just basic knowledge i picked up myself otherwise please feel free to add or subtract.Any questions?Please go ahead.



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